How to make small gift baskets look impressive

How to make small gift baskets look impressive


If you want to assemble a gift basket that makes a big impression, you may be tempted to make it big and flashy. But that’s not the only way to impress.

There are lots of ways to make small gift baskets look impressive, too. When done right, small gift baskets are often more appealing than large ones. After all, as the saying goes, “good things come in small packages.”

Here, we share a few ways to make small gift baskets stand out. Utilize these tips to assemble the perfect gift that amazes anyone on your list.

Be thoughtful and make it personal

The first step in making a gift basket is always to take some time to think about the recipient. What are their likes and interests? What are their favorite things to eat or drink? Write down everything you can think of, and use what you know about them to narrow down a theme.

Next, create a plan for selecting and arranging gift items. Make it personal by choosing things that you know they will love or that have special meaning in your relationship. Be intentional and pay attention to the details, so everything looks and feels like it belongs together.

Another way to add a thoughtful and personal touch is by incorporating homemade items in your gift basket. For instance, if you’re a baker, include a container of your famous chocolate chip cookies, or if you are an artist, add a hand-drawn, personalized card.

Being thoughtful and personal in your theme and gift selection will make a big impression on the person receiving it. They will appreciate that you paid attention to their interests and that you put time and effort into creating a custom gift that is just for them. Even if the gift is small in size, it will be so much more meaningful than any generic off-the-shelf gift.

How to make small gift baskets look impressive

This collection is pictured in a 8 in x 6 in x 2½ in wooden gift basket crate by Carpenter Core.

Keep it tasteful

Many times, in an attempt to make a gift basket look impressive, the maker will choose a large container and fill it with many gift items to create an extravagant and showy display. To stay within budget, this often means that the gift items and materials may be of lesser quality.

To make a truly impressive gift basket, always choose quality over quantity. A small, tasteful gift basket filled with high-quality, intentional gifts is often more remarkable than a large, flashy one. Spend a little more on a few gourmet snacks instead of loading up on inexpensive everyday items from the grocery store. Or, choose local shops with one-of-a-kind specialty items over large national retailers. Items that are high-end, exclusive, and tasteful always feel more special.

Get creative with packaging

After you have selected your theme and gift items, it’s time to get creative with packaging to help elevate your gift basket even further. This includes choosing a special container, filler, wrap, and decorations. Be thoughtful in your choices, and coordinate all elements with your theme. Remember to keep the recipient in mind and add personal touches as well.

Instead of a traditional wicker basket, you may choose a different container to set your gift apart. There are many options, from handcrafted wooden crates to trendy seagrass, rope, or wire baskets. Or, you may choose a more unconventional container relevant to the theme to hold your gift items.

When decorating, remember the previous tip; keep it tasteful. Making an impressive gift basket doesn’t mean you need to throw on all the colorful, glittery, extravagant decorations you can find. Sometimes the best impression is made through simple, tasteful decoration, such as a single pretty bow or ribbon that matches your theme and aesthetic.

In conclusion

While large gift baskets are certainly impressive, small gift baskets can be equally impressive in their own way. To make an attractive basket, use a thoughtful, personal, and tasteful approach when choosing your theme, selecting your gift items, and assembling. To set your basket apart, be creative with your material choices and add personal, elegant touches to make it unique and memorable.

This article was made possible by support from Carpenter Core. We make small customizable wooden crates and boxes used for gift baskets and product packaging.

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