Wine bottle wood crates and boxes by Carpenter Core

Wooden wine bottle boxes

Explore elegant wooden wine bottle boxes, perfect for any occasion. Customize with your logo or message. Optional lift-off lid. Durable, stylish, USA-made for a personalized touch.

  • Customized wine bottle box by Carpenter Core

    Customize with your message.

    Stand out from the crowd by adding your message, image, or logo. Custom-branded crates connect deeply and leave a lasting impression.

  • Wine bottle box with lid by Carpenter Core

    With or without a lid.

    Enhance your crate with a lift-off lid for added protection and style. Perfect for gifting, packaging, and stackable storage.

  • Small wooden crates with hinges by Carpenter Core

    Secure with hinges.

    Incorporate hinges for added security and a superior unboxing experience. Available in gold brass, silver chrome, and antique brass.

  • Stain added to crates by Carpenter Core

    Add a stained finish.

    Choose from our range of rich and captivating stain colors to elevate your crate's appearance and aesthetic appeal.

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Choosing the right wooden wine bottle box for different size bottles.

There's more to it than aesthetics.

Selecting the right wooden wine bottle box involves more than just aesthetics; it's about ensuring a snug fit for your treasured bottles. Here's a handy guide to help you match your bottles with the right box.

Standard wine bottles. (750ML)

Standard wine bottles are typically 3 inches wide by 12 inches tall. To accommodate these bottles, opt for a box with an inside clearance of around 3.5 x 13 inches, like our “Regular” wine bottle boxes. This size should comfortably fit most standard or common wine bottles sold in the US.

Champagne-style bottles.

Champagne bottles, similar to standard wine bottles in volume, typically measure about 3.5 inches wide by 12.5 inches tall. For these bottles, choose a box with an inside clearance of at least 4 inches wide by 13 inches tall to ensure a proper fit. We recommend our “Large” size wooden wine bottle boxes for most champagne bottles.

Magnum-size bottles. (1.5 Liters)

Magnum bottles are larger, holding 1.5 liters, and typically measure around 4 inches wide by 13 inches tall. To accommodate these larger bottles, choose a box with an inside clearance of 4.5 x 14 inches. Our “Large” wooden wine bottle boxes should provide ample space for most magnum-sized bottles.

Multiple bottles.

For wooden wine bottle boxes designed to hold multiple bottles, remember to allow additional space to prevent them from bumping against each other. Consider adding padding, such as paper shred, or selecting a box with a divider included. Ensure the width clearance of each bottle compartment accounts for the thickness of the divider.

Measuring tips.

If you have the bottle in hand, measure its width and height to ensure a precise fit. Measure across the bottom for width and straight up from the table surface to the top, including the cap or cork, for height. Adjust your measurements if the bottle flares out further up.

Lid considerations.

If opting for a box with a lid, factor in the depth of the box with the lid on. The lid's structure may reduce the available space compared to your bottle's width.

In conclusion, choose a box with interior dimensions that best fits your bottle size. If there's extra space, consider adding cushioning like paper shred for both aesthetics and bottle protection, especially if shipping is involved.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your wine bottles are not only beautifully presented but also securely housed in their wooden wine bottle boxes.

[Note: External and internal dimensions are listed on each individual product page for your convenience.]