8 x 13 1/4 x 3 1/2” Solid side style crates

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What to know when selecting a stained finish.


We offer eight standard stain colors, available as optional upgrades on individual product listings. For large orders, we can develop a custom color. Please request a custom quote to discuss the possibilities.

Stain samples.

You can request stain samples before your purchase. Please use our custom quote form and include your USPS mailing address.

Stain finishes should not hold surprises.

We use water-based stains that are low odor, low VOC, and mar-resilient. These stains prevent unwanted chemical smells, ensure a pleasant unboxing experience, contribute to a safer workplace, and are better for the environment.

Applying your own paint or stain.

Our natural untreated wood crates and boxes look great as-is or can readily accept your paint, stain, or sealer for bare wood surfaces.

Care and cleaning.

Our stained wood finishes can generally be cleaned with a mild household soap solution, such as Murphy Oil Soap. Be sure to test an inconspicuous spot first. Mars can be removed from the surface using a white eraser. Unfinished wood surfaces may also be lightly sanded.

Time considerations.

Unless stated otherwise on the product listing, our crates and boxes are stained to order. This may add up to three business days to the standard delivery time. Please get in touch with us before placing your order if you have a specific deadline in mind.

Understanding color variations.

Website images may not perfectly match the actual product due to natural wood variations. Each piece is unique, with stained finishes enhancing this character. If color is crucial, please request stain samples before ordering.

[Note: For additional customization options, including our stained finishes, please visit our product pages.]

How to keep the lid on.

A common concern when choosing a crate or box with a lift-off lid is the stability of the lid and the security of the contents. Here’s how we address this.

Lift-off lids with cross-braces

Our lift-off lids come with cross-braces fastened to the underside. These braces keep the lid centered and prevent it from sliding off when the crate is tilted, ensuring your contents remain secure during typical handling.

Misconceptions about sliding lids

While some customers request sliding lids that fit into grooves, these can give a false sense of security. If the box is tilted, the lid can slide off, potentially leading to spills. Our lift-off lids provide more reliable security.

Repurposing with ease

A lift-off lid design allows the crate or box to be easily repurposed as an open container, adding value to your purchase.

Enhancing security and presentation

For added security during transport, consider tying a ribbon, string, or cord around the crate and lid. This not only secures the lid but also enhances the unboxing experience.

Adding hinges for extra security

We offer the option to add hinges to your crates and boxes for added security and a superior unboxing experience. Available in gold brass, silver chrome, and antique brass, these hinges can also add a touch of elegance.

By choosing our standard lid design, you ensure both practicality and aesthetics, keeping your contents secure and beautifully presented.

[Note: For additional customization options, including hinges, please visit our product pages.]