What to put in a tea gift basket

What to put in a tea gift basket


Tea is a symbol of good health and happiness. It’s a way to bring people together, provide comfort, and remind us to take a break and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

If you are looking for a gift idea for a tea lover in your life, a personalized gift basket is the perfect choice. Have fun choosing your theme and selecting gift items to match the personality of the recipient. Then, assemble, decorate, and present your beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Are you wondering what to put in a tea gift basket? We have some tips for choosing a theme and selecting blends, accessories, and accompaniments to create a unique and memorable gift.

Occasion and theme

Before shopping for gift items, think about the occasion and identify a theme to build the contents around.

There are many occasions when it is appropriate to gift tea, whether for a birthday, holiday, get-well gift, thank-you gift, or a just-thinking-of-you care package.

When selecting a theme, there are countless directions you can take. For example, create a gift basket based on the time of day, such as a morning, afternoon, or evening tea, or choose a luxurious or calming mood. You may choose a seasonal theme if you are gifting for a holiday, or, use a specific inspiration like honey bees or flowers.

To make a gift basket that will truly impress, choose decorative items that will go well together and match the theme and personality of the recipient.


The most important element in this gift basket is, of course, tea! Select it based on the recipient’s preferences, or include an assortment to let them sample a wide variety.

Tea frequently comes in sampler packs so that you can include different types, from classic to exotic, in various blends and flavors. You can also choose sorts that are in bags or loose. But, again, this may depend on preference and what you can find. If you opt for the loose kind, be sure to include an infuser.

Finally, look for tea in cute packaging, such as an artisan tin or small, individually wrapped packages, to add to the appeal of the gift  basket.


Next, add an accessory or two, such as a teacup or travel mug, trivets, cozies, spoons, or a tea infuser. This is a great place to add some personality to the gift by selecting items that coordinate well together or have special meaning to the recipient. For example, cups and infusers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from pretty and delicate to quirky and fun.

What to put in a tea gift basket

This collection is pictured in a 10 in x 8 in x 2½ in wooden gift basket crate by Carpenter Core.


Many people enjoy adding honey or sugar to their tea. Include unique accompaniments to sample with their favorite brews, such as flavored spoons, sugar cubes, and honey sticks.

Classic food pairings include cookies, biscuits, biscotti, and scones. Add a jar of gourmet jam, jelly, or preserves for a special treat. Other sweets, such as chocolates, candies, or mints, will also be wonderful additions. Package them in a cute jar or use individually wrapped pieces to fill space.


If you want to take a more unique approach, look for other tea-themed gift ideas, from infused soap to scented candles. Or, choose a novelty item such as a t-shirt, magnet, or home décor piece to add some fun variety.

Assemble and present

Once you’ve gathered all your carefully selected gift items, assemble them in a container. A traditional gift basket will do nicely, or choose a more creative option, such as a tray with handles or a wooden crate.

Fill the bottom with paper shred or tissue paper to provide cushion and add height, then line with a towel or fabric napkin in a fun color or pattern. Then, carefully arrange the items in an appealing way, making sure all items can be easily seen and are well-balanced.

Finally, add a simple decoration like a ribbon or bow and a gift tag or personal note. If you’re feeling punny, use a cute phrase like “You’re tea-riffic” or “Hello Beau-tea-ful” to bring an instant smile.


Tea gift baskets make ideal presents for many occasions and can easily be personalized with a theme and gift items. When deciding what to put in a gift basket, select a variety of tea, accessories, and accompaniments. Make it personal and coordinate items with each other and the chosen theme. Then, create a beautiful presentation that will make your gift stand out from the crowd.

This article was made possible by support from Carpenter Core. We make small customizable wooden crates and boxes used for gift baskets and product packaging.

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