How to make a retirement gift basket

How to make a retirement gift basket


Retirement is a momentous occasion that deserves to be celebrated. After a long career and many years of dedication, it is customary for a retiree to be recognized for their hard work with a special gift. Make them feel valued by gifting a personalized retirement gift basket to mark this major milestone in their life.

Are you wondering what to put in a gift basket, or looking for tips on how to assemble the best gift? Whether you are recognizing a friend, family member, or co-worker, follow these tips for assembling a memorable gift to honor them and all their achievements.

Make it personal

The one thing that makes a retirement gift basket special is a personal touch. Generic gifts and trinkets may seem appropriate, but they can feel very impersonal. To show your appreciation for their many contributions, give a gift that is thoughtful and personal.

For someone you have known your whole life, such as a family member or a long-time friend, this should be easy, but it can be a bit trickier for someone you have only known a short time. In the workplace, gifts are often given from a group, so ask around to see if anyone would like to go in on the gift together to share ideas and pool your budget.

If you still aren’t sure what the recipient would like, try asking a family member or close friend for suggestions. A few simple questions about likes and dislikes can give you the direction you need to make a thoughtful retirement gift basket for just about anyone.

Retirement gift basket ideas

As you can see, there are many directions you can take when assembling a retirement gift basket. Choose one with personal meaning to show your appreciation, celebrate the special milestone, and help them look forward to the next chapter.


Retirement is a cause for celebration! Have fun with a celebratory gift basket including food and drink gifts. Give a nice bottle of champagne to toast to their career and celebrate their new retired status. Add fancy toasting glasses and gourmet snacks and sweets that complement the bubbly. Make the presentation celebratory too, but keep it classy to match the contents.


A great retirement gift from a group of coworkers or close friends is a sentimental memory basket. Include a scrapbook or photo album full of old photos, cards, and personal notes from coworkers past and present. If you are good with technology, you could even ask for video clips and edit them together for a touching souvenir of your time together.

How to make a retirement gift basket

This collection is pictured in a 8 in x 13¼ in x 3½ in wooden gift box by Carpenter Core.


After all those years of hard work, a new retiree deserves some pampering and relaxation. Help them set the mood to unwind by gifting a basket full of relaxing gift items like a sleep mask, scented candle, Zen Garden kit, or cozy blanket. Add a gift certificate for a massage or a gift card to the bookstore so they can stock up on new reading material.


Now that they have unlimited time away from the office, many retirees like to take time to travel and visit new places. A travel gift basket can include items like a nice passport cover, luggage tags, travel books, and a journal or camera to document their adventures. Add a travel pillow, water bottle, and toiletry bag for little extras they will appreciate while on the road.

Free time

Retirement is also a chance to spend more time doing what you love. If you have an idea of what your recipient would like to spend some of their new free time doing, a hobby basket is a great way to get them started. Or, put together a bucket list and include items they will need to check off a few things and try something new. If the person you are gifting to has a sense of humor, feel free to throw in a novelty gift item like a funny mug, t-shirt, or joke book. Give these items in addition to thoughtful and meaningful gifts to make sure you are sending the right message.

Create a grand presentation

Finally, create a grand presentation to match the special occasion. While the contents are important, the look of your gift basket will leave a lasting impression. This can be achieved by assembling, wrapping, and decorating your basket beautifully. Use a quality container and decorative materials that match your theme, and be sure to include a personal note to share your good wishes.

A retirement gift basket is a meaningful way to honor a person’s career and achievements. To make the best gift, make it personal, stick to a theme, and create a grand presentation they will never forget.

This article was made possible by support from Carpenter Core. We make small customizable wooden crates and boxes used for gift baskets and product packaging.

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