How to make things stand up in a gift basket

How to make things stand up in a gift basket


Gift baskets make impressive and memorable gifts for all sorts of occasions. But if you plan to make your own, it is important to know how to arrange one correctly. Even the most carefully thought-out gift basket will fall flat if the contents have fallen over and it looks a mess by the time it reaches its destination.

Luckily for you, there are several tips we can share about how to make things stand up in a gift basket and keep them from falling over. Find out how to choose a container, use filler material, arrange thoughtfully, and secure items to make sure you deliver the impressive experience you are aiming for.

Choose your container wisely

First, it’s important to choose the right container for your gift basket. Consider your contents and choose one that is the right size and sturdiness to hold everything upright.

If you have tall or heavy items, choose a deep container with sturdy walls, such as a wooden crate so that items can lean against the back for support. A basket with a sturdy handle can be used to support tall items as well.

A container with flimsy walls, such as a fabric or woven bin, might seem appealing in some cases, but it is usually less effective for providing stability.

Use filler material

A filler material is essential for helping items to stand up. It not only creates a cushion for the items, but it also helps support them and can keep them from shifting. Plus, a filler such as paper shred or tissue adds a decorative element to your gift to enhance its appearance.

Items look best when they are lifted from the bottom of the gift container so they can be seen. If you choose a deep container, there may be a lot of space to fill to keep items from getting lost inside. In this case, you may use additional materials at the bottom of the gift basket before adding decorative filler. Examples include bubble wrap, cardboard, paper, or foam. These materials won’t be seen but can help add stability inexpensively.

How to make things stand up in a gift basket

This collection is pictured in a 10 in x 8 in x 4½ in wooden gift basket crate by Carpenter Core.

Arrange thoughtfully

Once your base is filled, you can start arranging your gift items. Do this strategically to ensure everything remains securely in place.

Start by placing tall items in the back, leaning against the back of the container for support. Then, fill in shorter items in the front. Any heavy items should be placed near the bottom of the basket, with lightweight or fragile pieces near the top. As you arrange, continue to add filler material around the base of each item to create support and help keep them upright.

You should also consider weight distribution to prevent the basket from tipping over. If you have one heavy item, position it in the center. If you have two items with a bit of weight to them, distribute them evenly on each side to keep them balanced. As you work, pick up the basket at intervals to ensure it remains balanced and not too heavy on one side.

Secure in place

When you are happy with the arrangement, give it a shake test. If any items tip over, you may need to rethink the positioning or add a bit of extra security.

This can be achieved by attaching loose items together. A set of small items can be tied together with a pretty ribbon. Secure larger items together with glue dots or tape for support.

Tall items can be tricky to stand up and keep in place. To give extra stability, tape a wooden skewer to the back of the item. Then, insert the bottom of the skewer into a foam block hidden in the bottom of the basket. Use plenty of filler to cover the foam and add extra support to the base of the item.

While tall items are a little more difficult to use, don’t let that deter you from including them. Tall items are necessary to add depth and variation to your gift basket and will make it look more attractive and expensive.

Finally, you may choose to wrap your gift basket with cellophane or gift wrapping paper for added protection. This will ensure that no loose items fall out should they get bumped while being delivered to the recipient.

In conclusion

Now that you know these tips for how to make things stand up, and stay up, arranging a better gift basket will be easy. Who will be the lucky recipient of your next impressive creation?

This article was made possible by support from Carpenter Core. We make small customizable wooden crates and boxes used for gift baskets and product packaging.

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