Collection of open slat wood crates by Carpenter Core

Open slat small wooden crates

Discover handcrafted wooden crates, open slat design, in various sizes. Ideal for gifts, packaging, storage, display, or decor. Customize with your message or logo. Made in the USA, durable and stylish, with optional lift-off lid. Quality meets timeless utility.

  • Customized small wooden crate by Carpenter Core

    Customize with your message.

    Stand out from the crowd by adding your message, image, or logo. Custom-branded crates connect deeply and leave a lasting impression.

  • Small wooden crates with lid by Carpenter Core

    With or without a lid.

    Enhance your crate with a lift-off lid for added protection and style. Perfect for gifting, packaging, and stackable storage.

  • Stain added to crates by Carpenter Core

    Add a stained finish.

    Choose from our range of rich and captivating stain colors to elevate your crate's appearance and aesthetic appeal.