Unboxing success: How FITCRUNCH used Carpenter Core crates for an unforgettable launch

Unboxing success: How FITCRUNCH used Carpenter Core crates for an unforgettable launch


At Carpenter Core, we pride ourselves on crafting high-quality wooden crates that blend style, sustainability, and utility. When FITCRUNCH approached us to develop a special crate for their new product launch, we knew it was a perfect match. This collaboration not only highlighted our commitment to excellence but also inspired us to create our new DIY Gift Crate Kits.

The collaboration: FITCRUNCH and Carpenter Core

FITCRUNCH, known for its delicious protein bars and powders created by Chef Robert Irvine, wanted a unique way to launch its new sweet and crunchy wafer bar. The idea was to create a mystery box that people could "break into," reflecting the product's slogan, "Take a break." This mystery box needed to be sturdy, stylish, and engaging, providing an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Robert Drucker, the Marketing Design Manager at FITCRUNCH, discovered Carpenter Core while searching for the perfect wooden crate. He reached out to Alan Derrick, our owner, and together, they began designing a crate that would bring the mystery box concept to life.

Unboxing success: How FITCRUNCH used Carpenter Core crates for an unforgettable launch

Photo Credit: FITCRUNCH Mystery Product Box

Crafting the perfect mystery box

Alan and Robert worked closely to ensure the crate featured all the elements necessary for a successful launch. Robert had a clear vision: a box that was nailed shut and required a crowbar to open. This fun and interactive element was designed to generate excitement and anticipation around FITCRUNCH's new product.

Robert appreciated Alan's attention to detail and the numerous suggestions that improved the overall design and functionality of the crate. As Robert put it, “You’re very detail-oriented, and you offered a lot of suggestions and did a lot of extras that I would never have thought of. Everything was perfect the way it worked out.”

To ensure the crates met FITCRUNCH's high standards, Alan provided several test boxes. These allowed the team to determine the best way to nail the boxes closed and create clear instructions for recipients.

A launch to remember

The mystery boxes were sold to a small number of eager customers and also sent to influencers. Each influencer kit included goggles, gloves, and a crowbar, along with instructions to film their unboxing experience. This strategy was key to generating buzz and showcasing the fun and unique way to discover FITCRUNCH's new mint chocolate chip wafer protein bar.

Pictured: Screenshot showing the SOLD OUT Mystery Box from @fitcrunchbars and @chefirvine on Instagram

Robert shared his excitement about the launch, noting, “It was fun actually watching everybody's different reaction to how to open the crate.” He also added, “The launch was successful with the crates. They definitely exemplified the excitement. They went quicker than we anticipated.”

Interested in seeing some of the unboxing videos for yourself? Head over to @fitcrunchbars on Instagram to watch. We love all of the fun and creative ways these influencers interact with the mystery boxes and products.

Introducing DIY gift crate kits

Inspired by the success of our collaboration with FITCRUNCH, we at Carpenter Core are thrilled to introduce our new product line: DIY Gift Crate Kits. These kits turn gift-giving into an adventure, making every unboxing experience memorable and fun.

DIY Gift Crate Kits by Carpenter Core

DIY Gift Crate Kits by Carpenter Core

Our DIY Gift Crate Kits come with everything you need to create a unique and exciting unboxing experience. Each kit includes a handcrafted wooden crate, a matching lid, nails, a crowbar, and an eco-friendly insert. Inspired by the concept of Man Crates, our kits allow you to curate your own gifts, adding a personal touch with customizable options for size, style, and color.

For further customization, you can add your design to the lid through a personalized greeting or your graphic image. Each crate also serves as a keepsake storage container, ensuring it lives on long after the gift is opened. These unique touches make all the difference when creating a meaningful gift that leaves a lasting impression.

Your personalized greeting on the lid of a DIY gift crate by Carpenter Core, GK-6.25-6.375-7-GT-NW-LL, 6-GK-6.25-6.375-7-GT-NW-LL, 12-GK-6.25-6.375-7-GT-NW-LL, 24-GK-6.25-6.375-7-GT-NW-LL, 48-GK-6.25-6.375-7-GT-NW-LL, 96-GK-6.25-6.375-7-GT-NW-LL  Your custom image on the lid of a DIY gift crate by Carpenter Core, GK-6.25-6.375-7-ST-NW-LL, 6-GK-6.25-6.375-7-ST-NW-LL, 12-GK-6.25-6.375-7-ST-NW-LL, 24-GK-6.25-6.375-7-ST-NW-LL, 48-GK-6.25-6.375-7-ST-NW-LL, 96-GK-6.25-6.375-7-ST-NW-LL

Like all of our other products, you can always expect the highest quality from Carpenter Core. Each crate is meticulously handcrafted in the USA, made from wood sourced from responsibly managed forests. Selected for its striking grain pattern and finished with a subtle sawtooth texture, our crates ensure an unmatched combination of eco-friendly durability and aesthetic appeal.

Bringing it all together

Our collaboration with FITCRUNCH beautifully showcases the potential of Carpenter Core’s handcrafted crates, blending creativity, functionality, and excitement into a memorable product launch. By working closely with FITCRUNCH, we helped create an engaging unboxing experience that thrilled customers and influencers alike. This successful partnership not only highlighted our commitment to quality and innovation but also inspired the launch of our new DIY Gift Crate Kits. These kits capture the same spirit of excitement and personalization, offering a unique way to make any gift truly special.

This article was made possible by support from Carpenter Core. We make small customizable wooden crates and boxes used for gift baskets and product packaging.

Experience the excitement

Join us in making gift-giving an adventure with Carpenter Core’s DIY Gift Crate Kits. Explore the endless possibilities of personalized, stylish, eco-friendly crates that transform ordinary gifts into unforgettable experiences.

Visit our website to discover more about our products and start creating your own custom gift crates today. Unbox the possibilities with Carpenter Core!

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