How to make a thank you gift basket

How to make a "thank you" gift basket


Returning a favor or gesture of good will with a thank you gift basket may not measure up to the gratitude you feel, but it can be a generous way to express how much you value that individual, organization, or business that helped you in a time of need. Many people have used a collection of items as a way to express thanks over the years, commemorating each act of kindness as they go.

If you’re not sure how to construct a gift basket filled with thanks, you’re not alone. Many struggle with ways to think of repaying the blessings they’ve received, but with a minute or two of thought, a dash of creativity, and a sincere handwritten message, your thank you gift basket can practically build itself.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can give thanks for the ones you value in your life, no matter how big or small a part they play.

Tailor your approach

We use the words “thank you” to express our gratitude, but when it comes to giving that phrase personality and sincerity, individualization is key. That’s the approach you should take in gathering elements that express your gratitude for a positive impact on the recipient.

To start, you don’t have to match the size of the gift basket with the contribution you received. Stop those thoughts in their tracks, because it’s the thought that counts, not the size of the thank you gift basket. Don’t equate monetary value with the price of kindness.

Instead, focus on the individual, business, or organization that helped you. For individuals, choose favorite items, such as food, drink, or even hobbies. How else can you positively impact the lives of those who helped you? The answer to this question can help you pick out items to include.

How to make a thank you gift basket

This collection is pictured in a 14 in x 11½ in x 3½ in wooden gift box by Carpenter Core.

Include a splurge element

Generosity often takes the form of completing tasks we ourselves could not necessarily accomplish or even want to tackle on our own. In this case, returning the favor of a sincere investment in the contributor’s overall well-being can work towards mirroring your gratitude.

For example, you may gift a free massage session at the local spa. Couples who have helped you may enjoy a dinner for two at a local romantic restaurant. The idea here is to add value to their lives, as much as they did for your own life.

Consider a handwritten note

One of the easiest and best ways to show thanks in a thank you gift basket is to include a handwritten note. These notes can include as much or as little as you want them to. If you’re struggling to find ways to express your gratitude, feel free to draw from these phrases:

  • “I appreciate that you . . .”
  • “Your generosity allowed me to . . .”
  • “Because of your kind efforts, I can . . .”
  • “Now that you’ve helped me . . .”
  • “I owe you for . . .”
  • “You’re a blessing to me because . . .”
  • “Without your efforts, I couldn’t have . . .”
  • “With your support, I . . .”
  • “It was awesome of you to . . .”
  • “I can’t thank you enough for . . .”

Again, it’s not so much about filling the page or the thank you gift basket. Focus instead on sincerity and your own unique expression of thanks.

Ways to show your appreciation

If you’re not sure how to show your thanks, take the following ideas as inspiration: 

  • Thank a friend for helping you move with a basket full of pain-relieving patches, a gift card to a local restaurant, and some epsom salts.
  • Coworkers who helped you deal with a particularly challenging task will probably appreciate a sweet treat and/or a free lunch at a restaurant nearby. You could even include a small pin that says “I’m Awesome!” on it.
  • Make an impact on your potential future employer by sending a thank you in the form of fancy foods and snacks for their time spent interviewing you and answering your questions.
  • Thank a neighbor for pet sitting with a prepaid gift card, tickets to a popular movie, and maybe even an offer to pay to have their carpet cleaned, if you’re feeling particularly generous.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to come up with a show-stopping thank you gift basket. Take your cues from the situation and be yourself as you give thanks.


Languages express the phrase “thank you” in a number of ways, almost as uniquely as we represent our gratitude for the kind souls around us. We hope you’ve found this article on making a sincere thank you gift basket useful as well as inspirational. Remember, some of the best expressions of thanks come in unique forms that spread sincerity.

This article was made possible by support from Carpenter Core. We make small customizable wooden crates and boxes used for gift baskets and product packaging.

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