3 New Years gift basket ideas

3 New Year’s gift basket ideas


New Year’s is a time to celebrate with loved ones, make resolutions, and most importantly, have fun. Whether you are hosting a lavish celebration or a small get-together, chances are you would like to leave guests with a keepsake to remember the occasion.

From champagne and sparklers to food and candles, there are so many items you can include in a New Year’s gift basket. Today, we’re sharing three gift basket ideas for New Year’s – because who wouldn’t want to ring in the new year with a few gifts?

1. Champagne gift basket

Once the clock strikes midnight, it’s the perfect time to pop open a bottle of champagne and make a toast alongside your loved ones. Here are a few key items you should include in your champagne gift basket.

A bottle of champagne or sparkling juice

Whether your recipient prefers champagne or sparkling cider, you should be sure to include a bottle of bubbly in your gift basket. Luckily, there are so many different options to choose from, all ranging in price from moderately priced to very expensive. All you have to do is choose a bottle that your gift basket recipient is sure to love.

A set of glasses

To accompany the bottle of champagne or sparkling cider, we recommend incorporating a set of champagne glasses or flutes into your gift basket. Glasses are absolutely necessary if you are looking to make a toast at your party.

When picking out the glasses for your gift basket, remember that champagne flutes are much slimmer in size than traditional wine glasses. Glasses are typically sold in sets of two or four, so be sure to choose a set that is small or large enough to accommodate your recipient.


To finish up your champagne gift basket, it can be a good idea to add a few snacks into the mix. Be sure to choose the right snacks that pair well with champagne, like salted popcorn, cashews, or potato chips.

This collection is pictured in a 10-1/2 inch x 8-9/16 inch x 3-1/2 inch wooden gift basket crate by Carpenter Core. 

2. Party supplies gift basket

New Year’s is a time to celebrate, and this gift basket provides its recipient with everything they need to ring in the new year in style!


Sparklers are small hand-held fireworks that burn slowly and result in sparks, colorful flames, and other fun effects. Sparklers have become a staple of New Year’s celebrations, so you should be sure to include a handful of these in your party supplies gift basket.


Once midnight hits, you are likely going to hear a rush of noise, applause, and cheers from your guests. Be sure to add noisemakers to your gift basket as a way to bring the festivity and ring in the new year.


A common tradition for New Year’s is to eat 12 grapes once midnight hits. Each grape is meant to represent the upcoming months in the new year. By eating 12 grapes, you are locking in all of the good luck.

To bring good luck to your gift basket recipient, you can include a bag of grapes as the finishing touch.

3. New Years resolution gift basket

Whether their New Year’s resolution is to get fit or invest more time in self-care, these items can help you create a gift basket focused on becoming a better version of yourself in the upcoming year.  33333Self-care items  If your recipient would like to invest more time in themselves, including self-care items in your New Year’s resolution gift basket is a must! Here are a few things that would be perfect for this type of gift basket: 

  • Face masks
  • Lotion
  • Body wash
  • Nail polish
  • Scented candles
  • Eye mask
  • Fluffy blanket
  • Cozy socks

These products will help your recipient get started on their self-care journey in the new year.

Fitness items

A common New Year’s resolution is to get fit or lose weight. If you know this is the case for your recipient, then be sure to include the items below in your New Year’s resolution gift basket.

  • Water bottle
  • Protein powder
  • Healthy cookbook
  • Headband
  • Earbuds
  • Towels
  • Protein bars

These are absolute gym essentials that will be perfect for someone looking to gain the motivation to begin working out in the new year.


And there you have it! There are so many options when it comes to creating a New Year’s gift basket for your party guests. We hope you choose one that you and your guests love!

Is there anything else you would add to a New Year’s gift basket?

This article was made possible by support from Carpenter Core. We make small customizable wooden crates and boxes used for gift baskets and product packaging.

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