How to make a movie themed gift basket

How to make a movie-themed gift basket


If you need the perfect gift for a friend, raffle, client, or new neighbor - a gift basket is an excellent way to go. A movie-themed gift basket is one of the best options as everyone loves movies and great snacks.

To make a better gift basket, consider customizing it, and adding a few personalized touches, so they remember who it’s from. Anyone can throw in a few gift items. Your goal is to set yourself apart and create a thoughtful, lasting experience.

Movie-themed gift basket items

Here are some unique ideas for what to include in your movie-themed gift basket.

Gourmet popcorn kit

While at-home popcorn is tasty, it can be improved. Kids especially love to create their versions of popcorn. Include kernels, cooking oil, seasonings, and/or drizzle. Many of these items are available in your local grocery store or in bulk online. A gourmet popcorn-themed movie night gift basket is something anyone will love.

Ice cream sundae kit

An ice cream sundae-themed movie night gift basket is another great option. You can provide supplies to make the actual ice cream and/or some delicious toppings. Items like chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and strawberry sauce are a special treat and an easy addition to this type of gift basket. If you are looking to go big, you can also include cones, nuts, and cherries. The ice cream sundae movie night gift basket is an excellent choice with a wide variety of items to select from.

Pizza kit

Another great idea is to give the recipient a pizza and movie night package. Gifting supplies for pizza (without the refrigerated items, of course!) and movies is great for a night of fun. Find jars of pizza sauce, a spatula for spreading, and pre-made dough. This is a gift basket a whole family will enjoy.

Choose a specific movie

Narrowing down your theme, even more, may be helpful as well. If you need to make a large number of gift baskets, know the recipient well, or have a favorite movie of your own, this can help take it to the next level. For example if it’s Christmas time, you could go with a Grinch theme. This will help you select coordinating colors and fun extras like a Grinch ornament. This is a gift they can use year after year. Also, consider other  classics like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or It's a Wonderful Life. The Willy Wonka basket could include retro and old-school candies and sodas.

You may be wondering how you provide the recipient with a specific movie? With today’s technology, your recipient likely has a Smart TV. They can access the movie for your theme via Amazon, Apple TV, Hulu, Netflix, Starz, HBO, etc. You will want to check where the movie is available and provide a gift card for that service. Most of them offer rental services or purchase options. A physical DVD can also be a great way to include the movie gift. Just check to see how your recipient has enjoyed movies in the past. The options are truly unlimited.

How to make a movie themed gift basket

This collection is pictured in a 13 in x 7½ in x 3½ in wooden gift basket crate by Carpenter Core.

Gift basket must-haves

For a superior movie-themed gift basket, there are a few must-haves you need to add.

Gift cards

Gift cards are a great option as they are available everywhere. For an at-home movie night experience, consider a gift card from Amazon or Apple. You can rent most movies from a smart TV from $3.99 - $15. If you are going for a movie night out, make sure you choose a gift card for a theater local to the recipient.


What’s a movie without a bit of candy? Candy is a sure win. It’s affordable and can be used to fill in space as you build your gift basket. Just be sure to consider possible allergies your recipient may have, such as a peanut allergy.

A personal touch

The best thing you can do to build a better gift basket is to add a personal touch. You will never regret going the extra mile from adding a special message to including a known favorite gift item. A personal touch shows you pay attention to detail and adds value to you as a business, neighbor, or friend.

Gift basket presentation

You will want to ensure your gift basket is visually appealing. Choose which items are the most important, interesting, or go with the theme. Place those items at a focal point in your container. Use the rest of the items to fill in the empty spaces. Be sure to add a card or a special note to the recipient.


To make a better movie-themed gift basket, be sure to consider your recipient as well as the season. This can help you to narrow down the best items to include. Carefully select just the right movie or movies as well as the viewing format. Include the must-haves and add that personal touch. Then arrange everything with an eye for an impressive presentation.

Do you have other ideas about making a movie-themed gift basket?

This article was made possible by support from Carpenter Core. We make small customizable wooden crates and boxes used for gift baskets and product packaging.

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