How to make a get well gift basket

How to make a get well gift basket


When you learn someone is unwell or going through a tough time with their health, it is common to want to show your concern and provide comfort to them.

One way to do this is to make them a gift basket or care package to cheer them up. Sending a gift when someone is under the weather will let them know you are thinking of them and can help lift their spirits.

Follow these tips for how to make a thoughtful get well gift basket that will help them feel better and brighten their day.

When to send a get well gift 

There are many occasions when it may be appropriate to send a get well gift.

When someone is undergoing medical treatment or recovering from an accident, surgery, or illness, they may have some long and difficult days ahead of them. Receiving a thoughtful gift from someone who cares can help get them through the tough moments and lift them up when they are feeling low.

Even someone who is battling something a little more minor, such as the flu or a simple cold, may appreciate a little cheer (and an extra box of tissues) to aid their recovery.

Things to put in a get well gift basket

To make the best get well gift basket, customize the contents to the person and their situation. They may have limitations that prevent them from eating or drinking certain things or moving around too much, so make sure to consider that. Include some of their favorite things you know will put a smile on their face, and also some of your favorite feel-good essentials that they might appreciate.

Choose one of the categories below to create a themed basket, or mix it up and select a few items from each section to cover all the bases.


Recovering from surgery or illness requires a lot of rest and downtime. While necessary, it can also get quite boring. Provide some new entertainment options like magazines, books, movies, or TV series to help pass the time. Other ideas include puzzles, coloring or craft supplies, and board games to keep hands and minds active.

Comfort and pamper

When you’re feeling unwell, comforting items can help you relax and ease tension so you can recover more easily. Fill a gift basket with things like a comfortable blanket, cozy socks, or a soft robe. Add a sleep mask to make it easy to get much-needed rest any time of day. You may also choose to include pampering items like hand lotion, lip balm, or nail polish. Little things like this can be a big mood booster.


A get well basket should spread cheer to someone who is feeling under the weather. So, make sure to include some items that will put a smile on their face. That may be their favorite snacks or homemade treats, fresh flowers or a potted plant to liven up their space, or a collection of homemade cards with positive messages. Another idea is to create a “basket of sunshine”, in which all items are a bright, cheery, yellow color to quite literally brighten their day.


For a practical approach, fill a basket with health and wellness staples that will help them recover more quickly and comfortably. Contents for this theme can vary greatly depending on their ailment. For example, for a common cold or flu, include essentials like tissues, cough drops, cold medicine, cans of soup, and soothing tea. Help them stay hydrated by adding a water bottle with a fun design or positive message.

How to make a get well gift basket

This collection is pictured in a 13 in x 7½ in x 3½ in wooden gift box by Carpenter Core.

It’s the thought that counts

To make your gift basket even more special, be sure to think about the presentation as well. When selecting your container, filler, packaging, and decorating materials, remember the purpose. Keep it comforting and upbeat by using materials that are soft and soothing in cheery colors. Choose a container that can be kept nearby their recovery space and arrange items in an appealing yet accessible way.

When making a get well gift basket, it really is the thought that counts. Put special care into selecting items that are appropriate for the recipient’s situation and customize them to their interests. Then, create an eye-catching display by choosing cheerful materials and arranging the items thoughtfully. Whether you choose to entertain, comfort, cheer, or soothe with your gift, your effort and well wishes for a swift recovery will be appreciated and remembered.

This article was made possible by support from Carpenter Core. We make small customizable wooden crates and boxes used for gift baskets and product packaging.

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