4 cocktail gift basket ideas

4 cocktail gift basket ideas


If you’re looking for fun and personalized gift basket ideas, then you should consider putting together a cocktail gift basket. A cocktail gift basket is perfect for anyone who is interested in honing their bartending skills as they enjoy a nice drink.

There are so many different cocktails to choose from, so you have plenty of options to consider when you’re creating your cocktail gift basket. From margaritas to mimosas, here are four cocktail gift basket ideas to try out.

1. Margarita gift basket

If you know anyone who loves Mexican food and tequila, then a margarita gift basket could be right up their alley. In this gift basket, you should be sure to include not only the base ingredients to make a tasty margarita, but also a few additional items to help you communicate a festive and colorful theme.

Here are the base ingredients you will need to incorporate into your Margarita gift basket. These items make up the recipe for a margarita.

  • Margarita mix
  • Your choice of tequila
  • Margarita salt or sugar
  • Limes

To make your gift basket even more fun, you can incorporate a few additional items, such as:

  • Decorative napkins
  • Margarita glasses
  • Tortilla chips
  • Salsa
  • Guacamole

By combining all of these items, your basket will exude joy while upholding a colorful and festive theme. Plus, you’ll also be giving your recipient a few snacks to eat while they enjoy their margarita.

2. Mimosa gift basket

Made with fresh orange juice, mimosas are the perfect choice of cocktails to enjoy at a brunch party. After all, there’s nothing better than enjoying a refreshing mimosa at a midday brunch.

Here are a few items you will need to include in your mimosa gift basket: 

  • Your choice of champagne or sparkling wine
  • One bottle of orange juice
  • Oranges
  • Champagne flutes

The best part about mimosas is that they are very simple to make, even with little to no bartending experience. All you need to do is combine the champagne and orange juice to your liking.

4 cocktail gift basket ideas

This collection is pictured in a 10 in x 8 in x 4½ in wooden gift basket crate by Carpenter Core.

3. Bloody Mary gift basket

A Bloody Mary is a classic breakfast cocktail loved by many. It is the perfect balance of salty and sweet, making it a unique cocktail on its own. Here are a few items to include in this cocktail gift basket: 

  • Your choice of vodka
  • One bottle of tomato juice
  • Celery stalk
  • Green olives
  • Limes or lemons
  • Hot sauce
  • A set of highball glasses

As the foundation of your Bloody Mary gift basket, you should include a small note card that has the recipe for a Bloody Mary. This card should be inserted right in the center of your gift basket so it is one of the first things your recipient sees.

4. Tequila Sunrise gift basket

If you’re looking for a colorful cocktail full of summer colors, then you should consider creating a Tequila Sunrise gift basket. The best part about this cocktail is that it is a simple drink made up of only three key ingredients, including:

  • Your choice of tequila
  • Grenadine
  • Orange juice

In addition to these ingredients, you should be sure to include detailed instructions in your gift basket in the form of a recipe. One of the most important facts about this drink is that the person preparing it should not mix the ingredients, as it helps preserve the layers of colors.

Don’t forget these additional cocktail gift basket accessory items!

Whether your recipient is an aspiring bartender or they just love to enjoy a drink every now and then, they are sure to enjoy any of these cocktail gift baskets. In addition to the basic ingredients you’ll need to include in each gift basket, we’re also sharing a few additional items you can add.

If you would like to give your recipient the complete cocktail experience, you should be sure to include these essential items that any aspiring bartender should have at their home bar: 

  • Measuring cups
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Glassware
  • Festive coasters
  • Long mixing spoons
  • Straws
  • Cocktail picks
  • Salt and sugar, to create delicious rims
  • Snacks, like nuts, cheese, or crackers

If done correctly, your cocktail gift basket can have the power to transport its recipient to a night at the bar.


When picking out what type of cocktail gift basket to give your recipient, you should consider their likes and dislikes. Some people can be very picky when it comes to alcohol, so you should be sure to focus on their favorite flavors when putting together your gift basket.

What kind of cocktail gift basket would you create?

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