How to make a bridal shower gift basket

How to make a bridal shower gift basket


A bridal shower is a joyous event thrown in the bride’s honor in celebration of her upcoming wedding. There is an atmosphere of love and excitement as guests shower the bride with good wishes, and of course, gifts.

If you are looking for a creative bridal shower gift idea, it’s the perfect occasion to make a beautiful gift basket. Follow these guidelines to learn how to make a bridal shower gift basket that will be the star of the gift table.

Shop from the wedding registry

As a bridal shower guest, it is considered good etiquette to purchase a gift from the wedding registry. The couple has taken the time to carefully select items they most want or need for their home and their life together. This applies to putting together a bridal shower gift basket as well.

A wedding registry is a great place to find inspiration for your gift basket theme. First, have a budget in mind. Then, shop the registry and look for items that are small in size and can be grouped under a common theme. Avoid large items that would not fit well into a basket, or big-ticket items that will take up a lot of your budget.

Bridal shower gift basket ideas

If you’re not sure what to put in a bridal shower gift basket, here are a few ideas to inspire you. Remember, try to stick to items on the wedding registry, but it is OK to add in a few extra items to personalize your gift and add to the theme as well.

Coffee lovers

If the future newlyweds are coffee lovers, this would be a great theme for a bridal shower gift basket. Select items from their registry such as a coffee bean grinder or espresso machine, then personalize with his and her coffee mugs, a bag of fancy coffee beans, or a fun piece of décor for their coffee bar.

Bath basket

A common registry item for a soon-to-be-married couple is bath towels. Roll up each towel individually and arrange them in your gift basket. Then add some fancy soaps, luxurious lotions, or loofah sponges for a pampering spa-like bridal shower gift basket.

Kitchen tools

Items for the kitchen work great for making gift baskets thanks to their small size. Group together baking tools such as a rolling pin, measuring cups or spoons, oven mitts, and cookie cutters for a fun baking theme. Or, grab some miscellaneous gadgets like a meat thermometer, tenderizer, and salt and pepper grinders. Add your favorite cookbook or a personalized cutting board for an extra special touch.

Barware accessories

A bridal shower is a great occasion for gifting items for the couple to entertain with. You might find barware accessories such as a wine opener, bottle stopper, cocktail shaker, or tasting set on their registry. Add a personal touch with monogrammed coasters or a nice bottle of wine they can enjoy together.

Home décor

Home décor items can be tricky to gift since choosing what to display in your home is very personal. That’s what makes a wedding registry so great! Look for small items like picture frames, candlesticks, and bookends. Add a cozy throw blanket, and finish with a gift card so they can add to their home décor collection together in the future.

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This collection is pictured in a custom made gift basket crate by Carpenter Core.

Make the presentation shine

When making a bridal shower gift basket, you have an opportunity to get creative with a beautiful presentation that will amaze the bride and her guests.

Start by selecting an appropriate container. You may find an interesting container right from the wedding registry. A large bowl, storage bin, or even a laundry basket could suffice, as long as it goes with your theme. A wooden crate or fabric bin are also great choices that can be repurposed around the home in other ways.

When assembling your gift basket, arrange it so that all gift items are visible and so that the theme is immediately apparent. Since a bridal shower is a special occasion, you may want to step up the decorations a bit and make it really beautiful and celebratory. Match your decorations to the bridal shower theme, gift theme, or go for a general theme of love.

Lastly, make sure all items are well secured to keep them from falling out of the gift basket during transport. The bride and groom will have a lot of gifts to keep track of and get home, so they will appreciate this thoughtful detail.

The best bridal shower gift basket

In conclusion, to make the best bridal shower gift basket, consider the bride and groom and the life they are starting together. Shop from the couple’s wedding registry, identify a theme and add some personal touches. Then, make the presentation shine to reflect the momentous and joyful occasion.

This article was made possible by support from Carpenter Core. We make small customizable wooden crates and boxes used for gift baskets and product packaging.

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