How to make an incredible BBQ gift basket

How to make an incredible BBQ gift basket


Barbecuing is about more than just cooking outside. It’s about preparing delicious food and sharing it with friends and family. It’s about spending quality time together and creating lasting memories.

Are you looking for a fun idea for your dad, friend, neighbor, or another BBQ enthusiast? Make a BBQ gift basket filled with all the supplies they will need to cook out all season long! Whether giving for a birthday, Father’s Day, or housewarming, this is one gift that is guaranteed to get a lot of love.

We’ve got some great ideas to get you started. We’ll share everything from what to put in a BBQ gift basket to how to create an exciting presentation. With a little inspiration, you can make a memorable gift they’ll want to dig right into.

What to put in a BBQ gift basket

Whether you are making a gift basket for a BBQ novice or a seasoned pro, there are plenty of options for exciting items to load up with. Choose one theme or mix and match to create a custom gift that is perfect for even a hard-to-shop-for recipient.

Grilling tools

No BBQ gift basket is complete without new grilling tools! A new homeowner may enjoy a full set of tools to get them started on their journey, while experienced grillers might prefer new versions of their favorite well-loved tools. Consider including items such as a stainless-steel spatula, tongs, fork, a good quality knife, and a BBQ brush to cover the basics.

Awesome accessories

Once the basics have been covered, there are lots of other awesome BBQ accessories you can add to a gift basket that any diehard fan would love. Include a set of kabob skewers or a grill basket for cooking up something new. Or, add nice-to-have tools such as a meat thermometer or grilling glove to make barbecuing that much easier and enjoyable.

How to make an incredible BBQ gift basket

This collection is pictured in a 16 in x 13¼ in x 3½ in wooden gift box by Carpenter Core.

Add some flavor

Another approach you can take when making a BBQ gift basket is to give items that will bring new flavors to the feast. Some ideas include an assortment of unique sauces, marinades, rubs, and spices to jazz up favorite dishes. When possible, choose local or specialty products to create a high-end, luxurious feel. You can also add a recipe book with suggestions on how to use the items in new ways to inspire adventurous eating.

Snacks & drinks

Part of what makes BBQing so much fun is the time spent outside, hanging out by the grill. Add to the experience by including some favorite snacks and drinks to enjoy. Things like chips, pretzels, nuts, and jerky are great choices. Cooking out and beer often go hand in hand, so you can also include a selection of craft beer that pairs well, or a fun accessory such as a can sleeve or bottle opener.

Personalize it

To set your BBQ gift basket apart and show the recipient some extra love, include a personalized item or two. Have an apron or a platter custom-made with their name on it, or create a decorative sign to display next to their grill. Another idea is a branding tool with their initials or a special symbol to “mark” their specialties before serving and enjoying with friends.

Total backyard BBQ experience

To make your BBQ gift basket really impressive, consider each element and how it can contribute to the total experience and presentation.

For instance, when selecting your container, consider how it can be reused during a backyard gathering. A nice wooden crate or box would look great displaying an array of BBQ gift items, and can also be used to store tools, sauces, and spices. A galvanized bucket can also serve as a beverage bucket, or a wire basket can double as a condiment or cutlery holder.

When it comes to assembly, get creative with your presentation. Instead of filling the base of your container with basic filler, make it part of the gift. A patterned apron or tablecloth is both decorative and functional. Add crinkle paper around individual items to help display and secure them in place if needed.


Now that you have plenty of ideas for inspiration, you can make an incredible gift basket any BBQ enthusiast will love. From grilling tools and accessories to adventurous flavors, you can assemble a custom mix of items that is sure to impress. Don’t forget a personal touch and high attention to detail to take an ordinary gift basket to an extraordinary BBQ experience that will earn you an invite for life.

This article was made possible by support from Carpenter Core. We make small customizable wooden crates and boxes used for gift baskets and product packaging.

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